1. Paloma Barcelo MINT COLOR SANDALS  photo
Boots and Sandals
1. Elliot Mann Bags Collection
Jewellery & Accessories
1. Sabina Musayev photo collection
Branding & Clothing
0. Sunday St Tropez dress photo
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1. We are Kindred dress photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Poupette St Barth dress photo collection 2023
Branding & Clothing
1. Pranella dress collection photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Pia B photo collection 23
Branding & Clothing
0. Scarpe Wushu Ruyi Master FW22 shoes collection 2023
Boots and Sandals
8. Delfina Swimwear photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Michael Kors Swimming Suit
Branding & Clothing
1. Pitusa Beachwear Collection Photo
Branding & Clothing
Anonyme Designers photo collection
Branding & Clothing
Le mogador collection photo
Boots and Sandals
1. White Sand photo collection 2023
Branding & Clothing
1. PHO Firenze dress photo collection 2023
Branding & Clothing
1. SCARLETT POPPIES collection image
Branding & Clothing
 Spiritum Tulum collection dresses 2023
Branding & Clothing
Be PARISIAN image foulard
Branding & Clothing


Η ιδέα γεννήθηκε από την Ειρήνη Μπουλά, απόφοιτη του Fashion Institute στη Νέα Υόρκη.
Έχοντας αποκτήσει εκτενή εμπειρία στη διεθνή βιομηχανία μόδας στη Νέα Υόρκη,
η Ειρήνη μετακόμισε στην Ελλάδα το 2005 και αποφάσισε να εφαρμόσει αυτή τη γνώση στην ελληνική αγορά.
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Shop Art provides the space, tools and professionals to work hand in hand with brands to develop their distribution through wholesale channels & PR activity in the Greek market. Currently, representing an array of emerging and established designers ranging from apparel to a vast variety of accessories,Shop Art has seen rapid growth since its conception. Individual strategic planning by our account managers ensures optimum results are achieved for each brand.

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