1. Sabina Musayev photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Paloma Barcelo Sandal platform and wedge photo
Boots and Sandals
1. Sunday St Tropez dress photo
Branding & Clothing
1. We are Kindred dress photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Poupette St Barth dress photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Anonyme Designers photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Pia B photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Elliot Mann Bags Photo
Jewellery & Accessories
1. Delfina Swimwear photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Michael Kors Collection Photo
Branding & Clothing
1 Pitusa Beachwear Collection Photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Pranella dress collection photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Heidi Klein Bikini photo
Branding & Clothing
1. Anna Kosturova Crochet aztec monokini photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. White Sand photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Freaky Nation photo collection
Fur and leather
1. Front Street 8 photo collection
Branding & Clothing
1. Tavus Milano fur vest photo
Fur and leather


The idea was founded by Irene Boulas, a graduate of Fashion Institute in NYC.
Having gained extensive experience in the international fashion industry in NY,
Irene moved to Greece in 2005 and decided to apply this knowledge to the Greek market.
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Shop Art provides the space, tools and professionals to work hand in hand with brands to develop their distribution through wholesale channels & PR activity in the Greek market. Currently, representing an array of emerging and established designers ranging from apparel to a vast variety of accessories,Shop Art has seen rapid growth since its conception. Individual strategic planning by our account managers ensures optimum results are achieved for each brand.

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P: +(30) 210 9711 170

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