Paloma Barcelo

Paloma Barcelo shoes  photo

Founded in 1960 by Manolo Barceló, cosi-cosi footwear s.l. is situated in elche - a major manufacturing centre just outside Alicante in southern Spain. The story of the Barceló family goes back to 1960 when Manolo, a master craftsman in artisan rope work and weaving, worked to hone his creative talent. Driven by a sense of perfection, he refined his production of espadrilles and rope-soled wedges, gaining a position as contract manufacturer for the most acclaimed international fashion houses. Manuel Martinez, Manolo s son, breathed in the air of the Elche production facilities. After a stint designing for others, Manolo decided to try his hand at his own line. And so it was that five years ago, the following creations came on the scene: Paloma Barceló. Paloma Barceló is now positioned in all the top ready to wear boutiques worldwide.

2. Paloma Barcelo shoes  photo
3. Paloma Barcelo shoes  photo